Certified SDQL Masters

Robbie Gainous

Robbie started http://Cajun-Sports.com back in 1989 and is an earlier adaptor of the SDQL. Cajun selections are available at http://Cajun-Sports.com.

Jarvis Simes

Jarvis is the Lead handicapper at http://PickSixtySports.com where he offers SDQL selections and trends.

John Currey

Mr Currey is a graduate of the 2016 Master’s Classes in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs the SDQL site GimmeTheDog.com.

Ognjen Miličević

Mr Miličević is a http://SportsDatabase.com.com data maintainer.

Vince Akins

Vince Akins founded SportsBook Breakers after mastering the SDQL. His picks are now available at http://VegasInsider.com.


MrEast (Russ Laribee) is a former pro ball player and an early adaptor of the SDQL.

Charlie’s Hustle

Charlie’s Hustle tweets SDQL in multiple sports under the handle @CharliesHustle2

Andy Gupko

a.k.a “Roughing the Picker,” Tweets under @rewgupko and enjoys the challenge of uncovering profitable betting systems with the SDQL. He exploits situations that leave the linesmakers no choice but to adjust the line against the public. MLB and NBA are his handicapping specialty.


@AKing4Life focuses on the use of SDQL to find league-wide queries with consistent ROI over multiple years in the continuously evolving sports betting market.

Owen Connolly

Owen has his masters in accounting and is passionate about data analytics. He uses SDQL to target profitable trends and angles to support his handicapping. Owen tweets under @oc2point0.


Leverages the power of SDQL and the psychological nature of sports to formulate precise queries and extract relevant data. Morrissey has enabled himself to identify key performance indicators, evaluate player and team performances, and predict game outcomes with impressive accuracy. Morrissey tweets under @MorrisseyYBB.

Joe Meyer

Joe writes the SDQL and this document.