Player-Level Data


In a game-level data table each row contains a team’s performance in a game. An SDQL game-level query consists of stepping through each half game in the database from start to finish. Player results can be accessed from a game-level query as described below.


In a game-level query, the full reference to a player parameter is: prefix:PlayerTable:PlayerName:parameter.

To see how his teams have done after LeBron James scored more than 30,40, and 50 points in the previous game against the current opponent, use the SDQL:
P:Player:LeBron James:points>30,40,50

sum: max: min: list:

The Python built-in methods sum, max, min and list can be used in the position of the player’s name.

To isolate NFL games where a least one player had more than 200 rushing yards, use the SDQL:
Rushing:max:rushing yards>200